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The selection of the best raw materials is the key to success for the company that has manufactured hide collars and leads for 40 years. But novelties are around.

               Giorgio Giolo personally selects the best raw materials are used to produce the collars and leads signed by the Pegolotte-based Company. In Italy many companies distribute accessories for cats and dogs, but only a few actually produce them. For 40 years Giorgio Giolo has select the best hides and used the 

 best processing method to create a range of high quality products. And the key to the success of this little but dynamic company is indeed selection of raw materials and attentive processing.

The results,. You just have to skim through the pages of the catalogue to have an idea of the wide range of products available: simple or double collars, with knobs and plates, in natural,, dyed or English hide, plain or shaped; leads in hide or with a chain, plain or woven, handles and little whips; quilted collars for cats,

 leads and training harnesses. They are all high quality items manufactured with Italian technology and resources that in no way fear comparison with imported accessories.

Giorgio Giolo’s motto is "Original Quality": hides can be processed in infinite ways and also lose their

  quality. Giolo grants everlasting quality: his leads and collars absolutely don’t risk to be damaged by the first rain falling! And the customers buying hide accessories usually look for quality.

The same competence and professionalism are granted also in the other articles included in the

 catalogue: nylon leads, harnesses and collars available in many colours; collars in hide and nylon; and a large range of brushes, combs and clippers. Besides toys, cat and dog beds, feeding bowls and much more.

               Among the novelties by Giorgio Giolo there are collars and key cases embellished with dog head shaped studs (sold also alone).

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